From Big To Small, We Do It All



Who We Are

POTTERS & The One Stop Poultry Shop have been in business for over 60 years. Offering pet food, animal feed, poultry, point of lay chickens, bedding & a whole host of products and housing. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer nutritional, care & husbandry advice. We carry a very wide selection of animal feed from small animals such as rabbit, guinea pig, cat & dog, to horse and livestock feeds as well as a host of exotics & wild animals. We stock hardware such as buckets, yard tools as well as feeders, drinkers, storage & more. We carry a host of poultry care products such as powders, sprays and remedies. We are proud to sell local products such as Skinners, Allen & Page, Smallholder, Bed-Down & Charnwood Mill.

Formerly POTTERS of Weybread in 2017 we moved 2.5 miles to our new home at GWC Equestrian Centre in Wingfield