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Cross breeds specially developed to be more reliable egg layers and easier to care for

We source all our hybrid pullets form a very reputable and trusted supplier.

All are Point Of Lay (POL) meaning they are 18-20 weeks, so they will be about to start laying.

Please find below a guide to the Hybrids that we stock.

While we do hold large numbers of birds not all breeds may be in stock at once, please call if you require a specific breed or large numbers to check availability.

Black Tail 

A cross between Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex.
This hen is perfect for outdoor systems.
Production at 72 weeks: 280-300 eggs
Egg shell colour: Brown

Copper Maran 

Developed from Marans Noir Cuivrée & Rhode Island Red. 
Production at 72 weeks: 240-260 eggs 
Egg shell colour: Deep Brown

Sussex Star

Hybrid developed from Sussex and Rhode Island. Production at 72 weeks: 235 to 250 eggs/bird 
Egg shell colour: Brown

Gold line  

The mainstay of the British Egg Industry.
Friendly, efficient, economical, yet attractive.

Housed 72 weeks: 310-320 eggs  80 weeks: 349-359 eggs EGG COLOUR - LIGHT BROWN

Rhode Rock 

A tough and reliable hybrid breed of chicken developed from Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock to lay a good number of eggs in difficult conditions. 

Production at  72 weeks: 300 eggs/bird 

Egg shell colour: Brown

White Star (Out Of Stock)

A modern White Leghorn hybrid. 

It is a highly productive bird laying white eggs of top quality and remarkable shell strength 

Production at 72 weeks: 302-312 eggs 

Egg shell colour: White

Skyline / Columbine (Out Of Stock)

Developed from the cream crested legbar. 
Production at 72 weeks: 280 eggs/bird. 
Egg shell colour: Blue/Green

Suffolk Pied

This strikingly coloured bird is popular with domestic poultry keepers 
Production at 72 weeks: up to 260 eggs.


Wiith striking plumage, developed from various types of Rhode and Cuckoo Maran 

Production at 72 weeks: up to 260 eggs 

Egg shell colour: Brown


Developed from Cuckoo Maran & Rhode Island producing a good percentage of dark brown eggs. Production at 72 weeks: 240-260 eggs 
Egg shell colour: Deep Brown

Amber Star

Very robust and especially suited to organic and free range systems.

Production at 72 weeks: 300-304 eggs 

Egg shell colour: Dark Brown

Emerald (Out Of Stock)

New for 2020 this quirky Blue (light gray) bird is an Araucana Leghorn Hybrid that lays Blue Eggs and has a distinctive tufted neck ruff.

While we try to keep all breeds in stock, this is not always possible,
Please call ahead if you are looking for large volumes or specific breeds
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