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BACK IN STOCK - March 2023

When collecting your chickens please bring a suitable carrier to take them home. 

A cat carrier, dog crate or cardboard boxes are perfect.

Please ensure that the carrier is secure and ventilated, ideally with some shavings or straw to keep the chickens clean and happy on their journey.  

We have a limited amount of cardboard boxes available if necessary. 

Hybrids are specially developed to be a more reliable egg layer and are easier to care for.

We source all our hybrid pullets form a very reputable and trusted supplier.

 Point of Lay (POL) means that they are 18-20 weeks, so will be about to start laying.

While we do hold large numbers of birds, not all breeds may be in stock at once.

Please call for availability if you require a specific breed or large numbers.

Terms & Conditions Apply, While Stocks Last

Please call to book an appointment if you wish to view our

wonderful chickens.   

01379 384 801   

Please find below a guide to the Hybrids that we stock.

Potters Caulder Ranger 

Also known as Black tail cross between Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex.
They are friendly, easy to manage and suit a small garden group or a larger free ranging flock. 
These are a great 'all-rounder' hen. 

A chestnut-coloured hen with a black tail and sometimes some black neck feathers too.

She lays light brown eggs, is hardy, placid and suitable for free-ranging

Production - 280-300 eggs
Egg shell colour - Brown

Potters Copper

Developed from Marans Noir Cuivrée & Rhode Island Red. 

The Maran Cuivree is one of Britain's most popular layers of the very best quality darker brown eggs. 

With tight, silky black, plumage they are ideal for free-range life in the back garden even in the harshest weather.

 These hens make fantastic pets being very sociable in the flock and they also enjoy human company. 

 They have black feathers with chestnut chest feathers varying considerably from hen to hen.

They are similar in looks to the black rock but they have a more chestnut coloured chest with grey legs.

Productive egg layer, rewarding keepers with 240 to 260 beautiful dark brown (and often speckled) eggs in her first year of lay.

Potters Sussex

Developed from Light Sussex and Rhode Island white.
These large hens are a very popular choice for back garden chicken keepers. Their striking appearance of pure white plumage with black neck feathers, tail feathers and wing tips, makes them a delightful addition to any flock. 
They are hardy, friendly birds that can be tamed and are easy to handle.
They often like to be at the top of the pecking order.

235 to 250 eggs
Egg shell colour - Brown

Potters Brown  - 

The mainstay of the British Egg Industry.
Friendly, efficient, economical, yet attractive.

These girls have a very inquisitive nature and will certainly keep you entertained with their antics. 

They are ideal hens for first time chicken keepers, especially families with young children, as they are very friendly and easy to tame. They will quite happily eat from your hand once she gets to know you! 

They have pretty brown/red feathers with white under-feathers and tails. These girls have a traditional “farmyard chicken” look about them.  

72 weeks: 310-320 eggs  

80 weeks: 349-359 eggs 

Egg Colour - Light Brown

Potters Rock

Rhode Island Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock cross.Developed with free range egg production  in mind. 

It is a docile, hardy bird and reliable chicken.

It has a thick close plumage is both well proofed against the weather. With it’s black colouring and fantastic cooper neck markings it is distinctive bird. 

They can lay 280+ eggs a year and is both long lived and has a long egg production period.

Egg shell colour - Brown

Potters White

The White Star is a hybrid of Dutch origin and is a small and flighty bird.

It is a highly productive bird laying white eggs of top quality and remarkable shell strength 

 It’s vivid red comb comes from it originating from Leghorn stock. This bird is a frugal eater and puts all it energy into laying. As such you can get as many as 320 white eggs a year, however it is not as long lived as other sorts 

Potters Star is a smaller bodied hybrid hen with a big tail, based on the popular Leghorn. Known as the "credit crunch hen" they eat less but lay big eggs!

 They are inquisitive and intelligent birds which will keep you amused as they are real characters. They adapt well to most situations and being able to range is a must but can be flighty and timid with humans when young. 

They mix well with other breeds and keep out of pecking order squabbles.  

They are pure white birds and, once mature, they have a large red comb flopping to one side.

The Potters Star is a prolific egg layer, rewarding keepers with 320 to 340 large white eggs in her first year of lay.

Potters Pied

British chicken breed which was originally developed in the south east of England, they have been developed from the Rhode Island Red and Sussex breeds. 

This strikingly coloured bird is popular with domestic poultry keepers 
 They have black body with a silvery plumage around their neck, this is why some people refer to them as a  Magpie or Pied Sussex. 
They can lay also lay in the region of 240-300 standard grade A eggs per year.

Egg shell colour - Brown

Potters Blue

Potters Blues are also known as Bluebells.

A lovely placid blue/grey French Maran hybrid bird, this hen is able to lay around 240 large brown eggs a year. 
Docile and friendly birds, ideal for free ranging, its beautiful colouring and decoration make it a gorgeous addition to any flock.
They are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Maran and they get their name from the colour of their plumage, which is a blue/grey colour and sometimes they can have copper plumage around their neck in various amounts. 

Blues are another great layer, laying up to and over 260 brown eggs in their first year. This breed is one of the larger hybrids available.  

Egg shell colour - Brown

Potters Cuckoo

This is a modern hybrid of Rhode Island Red and Maran descent. 
Bred specifically for free ranging, it has great feathering and natural foraging ability. Non-aggressive and sociable these birds lay producing a good percentage of dark chestnut brown eggs, which are usually speckled. Dependable layers of up to 260+ eggs a years they can also make great foster mums.
They are a docile chicken and very easy to handle, but classed as heavy bird. Their feathers can somewhat resemble the feathers of a Maran but their egg production is far greater. Their feathers are very unique as they can be described as "silky" and much softer than other breeds.

Potters Amber

Ambers are a Rhode Island based hybrid whose colourings are the opposite to a Potters Brown.

 Very robust and especially suited to organic and free range systems.

They are excellent layers with a softer feather and therefore look less dishevelled than the rest of the flock during their moult.

They are inquisitive and exceptionally friendly hens. They are very easily tamed making them perfect for first time chicken keepers and families with children. 

They are adaptable and mix well within a flock.

  They are pretty champagne coloured hens with rich gingery brown flecks, varying from hen to hen.

The Amber is a productive egg layer, rewarding keepers with 280 to 300 DARK brown eggs in her first year of lay.

Egg shell colour - Dark Brown