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After last year's movement restrictions affecting business our main breeder has had stopped breeding due to the financial risk.
We do however have a new breeder right here in Wingfield, we are going to be a little behind this year but please bear with us.
Please call to see what we have in stock 01379 384 801

Buff Orpington (Out Of Stock)

A much loved, beautiful bird with personality. Originated in Orpington, Kent, in the late 1800's. They are known for their calm and friendly nature.  Good winter hardiness.

Pekin Bantams (IN STOCK)

The Pekin is a breed from China. 
The Pekin possesses a wealth of feathering about their feet and legs.
Temperament: Docile
Recognized variety: Blue, Cuckoo, Partridge, Lavender, Barred, Buff, Silver Partridge, Columbian, Mottled, Birchen, Black, White

Silkies (Out Of Stock)

Out Of Stock

Gold (Partridge) Brahma (Coming Soon)

Named after the river Brahmaputra in India although developed in America from Shanghais with Grey Chittagongs in the 1840s. Good winter hardiness. Temperament: Docile. Reliable broodies. Beautiful elegant birds. Good with low fencing or free roaming. Easy to tame. Continue lay throughout the winter. Tolerant towards other breeds. Egg Size: Small - Egg Production: Low

Welsummers (Out Of Stock)

Out Of Stock

Silver Laced Wyandotte (Out Of Stock)

The Wyandotte is a North American breed developed in the 1870s. Named after the indigenous Wyandot people. The Wyandotte is a dual-purpose breed, kept for its brown eggs and its yellow-skinned meat. Annual Egg Production: 200 - Egg Size: Large - Docile Temperament - Egg Colour: Brown, Tan

Double Laced Barnevelder (Out Of Stock)

Dutch breed of domestic chicken. It resulted from cross-breeding between local chickens and various "Shanghai" birds imported from Asia in the late 1800s. 
Dual-purpose - Annual Egg Production: 180 - Egg Size: Large - Temperament: Friendly, Active, Quiet, Lively - Egg Colour: Light Brown